Here we go again

Tis the season. The time has come agaian as we prepare for the up and coming ice season. Mother nature has already sent a message that she is the boss. With the lake snow covered protecting the ice we willl be in a wait and see as what type of ice conditions we have this season. Everyone with a road has some extra work as some ice piled up along shore before she glazed over.
Pulling my houses off of our shoreline will also be a extra chore.
We will be running 5 sleepers and one day house this year. As in years past i will do my best to keep the houses in fishy areas and try and have the house on fresh ice every weekend. After 10 years I still have not figured out how to leave a house in the same spot for over a few days. Oh well thats not a big deal as I enjoy working on the lake and moving the houses is part of my job. I also enjoy when the customers help move a house.
Thats all for now to all my previous customers and new ones to come have a fantastic thanksgiving and hope to see you this winter.

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