Dec 5th

Were slowly making ice. It was nice to see a little activity on the ice yesterday. There were a couple of fishermen out to the east of our shoreline and a nother out in front of westwinds. I saw no one further out then 3/4 of a mile by my guess. Tyler had a good detailed report of ice conditions and from what I read extream caution should be taken at this time. He did catch a few fish by the way.I still have not ventured onto the lake. Maybe by next weekend I will wet a line but its not on the top of my priority list at this time. I still beleave in letting mother nature take her course and being patient. Once the houses are on the lake I will be out on the ice everyday for the entire season. The reservation have started to trickle in but we still have plenty of our houses availble . With all the competition out there I will put the quality of my deluxe houses up against any on the lake.

3 thoughts on “Dec 5th

  1. I will also attest to the supreme quality of Cookies’ deluxe houses. I’ve stayed in a few different ones and cookies are the nicest. He should actually call them Ice Condos, ’cause that’s what they are. Quality built, comfortable, and usually on fish!

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