getting busier

I see westwind now has a few day house out . I open up my lakeshore today so I can start to pre stage the houses. There was activity at both westwind and hillmens as areas were prepped to pre satge sleepers.
Westwind has a great set up and top off all there propane as they take them onto the lake. Sure beats my meathod of lugging those 100 pounders in and out of the truck and on to the fish houses. I plowed just a bit out onto the lake to make room as I pull all the houses out of the woods. Kellie the wife sure is looking forward to spending some time fishing in old minnesota as it is her favorit house. we have had some great meals and fishing in that house over the years.
We still have plenty of openings for any fishermen that want to spend some quality time here on upper red lake.