the trifecta

We now have california and utah on the lake. Utah is our budget sleeper this year.
Steve and dan were our first customers and spent the afteernoon and evning in california. they end up landing a few fish but by no means did they pound them. I went out there yesterday morning and landed a 21 inch pike a 9 inch perch and a fat 16 inch walleye that I thought was close to 18 for sure.
All the other house are now out of the woods waiting untell the last minute to hit the lake. Kyle landed a 21 inch walleye monday night and thats pretty good for a 8 year.
Tony boy has been doing some scoutting for me. He has found a couple spots that have produced a fish right awaay but then nothing. he takes off today.
i have allready moved california and tony was going to spend the night out there last night. Utah is just out there and has not been fished as we will save it for our customers on monday.
This year I was going to start out just in front of our place but westwind moved quite a few houses out there yesterday.
I also thought about putting a house or two on the cribs but another outfitter said thats where he is headed today.
We will keep measure the ice and looking for theat honey hole as the season get under way