Its picking up a bit

We now have all our sleepers on the lake. Jim Sten and Adam in montana had a big pike on today that tangled 4 lines and still escaped.
Ben and Shana had two keepers tonight and have missed a few with shana catching her first ever walleye a 20 incher, The big news is Ben proposed to her last night in old minnesota and she said yes.
Brian and his buddies landed a 34 inch pike in Idaho.They have caughten a few walleyes but all have been to big.
I would like to move minnesota and idaho tomorrow. To give them two groups one more chance before they head home wednesday.
New years we just had two house being used. the weather could not have been much worse and the fishing was so so with saturday a little better then friday.
We still have plenty of opening and I will keep moving the house th eintire season