Lees crew

lee and his crew arrived saturday night, Some were ataying until monday and some were staying until tuesday with Lee staying tell wednesday. They had a blast and Dan said it was one of the funnnest weeknds he has ever had. Top 20 in his words. It was just not the fishing but the comraderie they shared over the two nights. They ate like kings and laughed the asses off.
lee own the mystry dinner theater in mpls. and can be very funny. He satyed a extra day to help me move house. They went home with 18 fish . lee and I fished yesterday morning and had some good fishing landing 5 keepers losing a couple and landing a fat 23 incher. Lee was able to take his 4 home all between 15 and under 17 inches. I let him drive the red baron while I drove blue thunder he said he felt like a little kid that always wanted to drive the big red truck.
If you ever get a chance you should take in one of his shows. very entertaining and well worth the money to get a great laugh or two