banbino wins

I held I poker derby slash giveaway on ido and bambino guy won and will be coming up for a free stay on the 19th’
The fishing was not the best this weekend but we had some action. Kelliehad her mom amd step mom up. I made kellie in chrage of taking them fishing so I could concentrate on other chores. She did fantastic as they landed a couple of walleyes and lost a couple. sandy set the hook on a big Pike and Kellie grab the rod from her and the battle was on. they fought the fish for 20 minutes only to have it get off at the top of the hole. thats twice kellie has battled a monster only to lose it at the top of the hole.
Duey and Sue were here and I was able to spend a little time with them. Steve and Connie were there guest and I landed a fish on steves rod when he was not paying attention.
I also got to spend a little time with leroy and his boys. Shannon was on flying alaska as he works for the company that is being filmed.Shannon said if he could live any where in alaska it would be homer. thats where Ole lives in the summer and that where the greek hhas stated Natures ventures. I getting excited to go there . I still want to drive there in my 56 merc. lets hope with in the next 5 years we can make the trip.
jeff and Jacky were in montana. I did not get to spend is much time with them but they did go home with the most fish.