the push to the end os the season

sarha and jr went home with 4 keepers and I had a little time to visit and play a game of canaska with them. Sarha won. jermey and his crew left before I could see them but Brian found a couple of fellet fish in the snow bank and it must of been them.’
This past weekend Todd,Bob.Jenny and Barb fished florida. They went home with 7 keepers that I know of as they were gone when I got out there sunday. Calfrnia had Scotts kids on saturday and Scott and Wendy landed quite a few fish and had 14 keepers with there grandson getting to land a few. the area Scotts house set completely flooded with the weight of his house and truck plus the snow I piled up when I plowed them there spot. Brian is up and just like normal the fishing sucks for his crew. We moved them yesterday and may be moving again as I troll for good fishing. Jim and Sten took home 4 and were here sunday night.
ryan and his crew are in montana and leave today there fishing went from good to horrible last night. I just do not get it. Its time to hit the lake as I hope to have every house on fresh fishing for the up and coming weekend