Another opener in the books

The season is under way with great fishing by all that fished upper red lake.Some had trouble finding fish under 18 but all and all it was good fishing.The wind has been strange and been out of the north and east the past 4 out of 5 days.
I had the pleasure of taking my brother warren and his buddy Doug fishing. We had a grand time and as one of the old timers up here Dave told me a few years back THIS IS A GRAND LAKE A GRAND LAKE and it owes me nothing.
All the guys here went home with there limits and there were even a couple bonus crappies to boat. I did see Cole and Jeramy saturday morning .They had been up for a few days before opener and got there 20 crappies. They come up every year and fish extreamly hard for them in any weather conditions.
I have my first guide job of the season so better get ready