30 less crappies

30 less crappies
Had a call from chris last thursday .His brother Phil was up here this winter helping Buddy Hillmen on the ice and he wanted to know if I had a cabin for saturday night. i said sure thing. I tried calling him saturday to see how they were doing but got know anwser. They pulled in here around 6 pm and were pumped as they had just cleaned 20 crappies plus they kept 6 that were over 15 to get mounted. Kinda sad to see them take so many but they drove a long way I guess and the limit is ten a piece . Chris kinda dissppeared when the crappie fishing slowed down as far as coming up here. He did become good friends with the greek and Ole and goes to alaska every year for 10 days in June
I remember the first time I met him we were on the lake about 1 am when this truck with a trailor was fllying towards the shore and a ice heave. I said watch this guy is going to hit that ice heave close to shore. We saw his headlights go skyword and had a good laugh. Little did I know at the time it was chris. He rolled in to our cabin at 8 the next morning. It took him 7 hours to get here from when we saw him go over that ice heave less then 1 mile from here with half his gear missing and half the trailor missing. We followed the debrie field he left and gathered some of his gear as he worked on that trailor of his dads all day here in the driveway. I think he has toned it down since those days.
He did leave us a meal of crappies that we had for dinner tonight at the westwind and just as I expected with the beautiful calm day the walleye were snapping from what I heard at westwind . If you were in 7 feet of water with a jig, spinner or bobber fishing you were catching fish. People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I love fishing on these types of days but here on red I have had some of my best fishing when the lake is like glass. I knew we should of went fishing when I got home from the farm but the girls did not get home untell 7. Oh well there will be other days

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