red lake gets a flush

With the high water this year the wind has played havoc on my lakeshore. Where I have stowed the fish houses with no problems for 9 years is no longer a safe area .
When the winds pick up the water flood are fire pit on the lake as well as all the grass.
two weeks ago we had wind gustting to 50 miles an hour for 30 hours and the water just kept coming up and coming up.I estimated it came up our road to the lake 800 feet. At one point it was 3 feet high down by shore. The water did alot of damage to my fish houses and alo to 3 that were stored here. The 3 that were destroyed here were pushed 30 yards and smashed into the tree line. I have pieces of fish house scattered in the woods. Minnnnesota and montana are alll dried out now and will be getting new carpet at some point this summer. Utah was allready in rough shape so will be completly tore down and made into a new fish house. new york are days house will become a shed down at the lake for now. Florida and california received no damage. Idaho has left the property so will be unavailabe next season.

Now for a quick fishing report the fishing has been outstanding so far this season. the slot changes next week and we will be able to keep any walleye under 20 inches.