Second weekend of June report

I had the pleasure of taking Kellie’s uncle Loyde and his gal Zelda out fishing thursday. With the east wind we fished this side of the lake with deccent success.
We ended up keeping 6 release a few to small and a couple to big. Loyde and Zelda had a hard time setting the hook as we were trollling spinners. I landed 7 fish and I was driving the boat. They each should of landed more then they did so the 4hr of fishing we did was really better then the outcome of only 6 fish to keep.
We did not have any guest this weekend but Jimmy was up saturday and landed a 44 inch pike and a keeper walleye with in ten minutes of being on the lake.
We spent saturday at the ribbon cutting at the state park and also climbed the fire tower they put up at the stae park. Wow what a veiw. If your in waskish take the time to go to the top.
I now will have to buy some binocs.
I did get out saturday morning to see if there were any crappies still in the secret spot. When I arrived I was the first one on the spot. A second boat slid in to my right after a bit and a 3rd slid in a bit later. A couple other boats took a look and kept going. A forth boat came in from the east and trolled around us. I spent about two hours working the area and only managed 3 small pike. I never saw any of the other boats land a fish so the secret spot did not produce and with all the boats I guesss its not really a secret spot any more. From what I saw the crappies have moved to there summer hide outs.