blueberrys,rasberrys,juneberrys and fresh walleye

I have had a couple handfulls of all three this year.
I have also spent a small amount of time trolling cranks any where from 4 feet to 15. Last night pat and I trolled from the river down to my place . On the first pass we landed two small keepers. Our second pass produced nothing so we headed down by the popples where I picked up a small pike . That was it for the 3 hours of trolling. There was a pontoon trollling along the reeds/bullrushes in close and I did see them with the net out once. They kept at it so they must of been catching a few . Lisa and Jeff spent a good part of saturday drifting in a small boat with 3 footers and only managed to catch a perch so they headed home early to fish by bemidji.Oh well it was nice meeting them and they missed a perfect morning sunday. I should of gotten up early and gone fishing before church.