Jeff and Lisa stayed in florida with there two girls Llee and Libby. They fell in love with the top bunk and never wet a line as they had there own little fort up theer .Lisa and Jeff managed to get a few and have a fresh wallleye. Jeff had a couple of friends on the lake and it sounded like they reallly stuggled each onlt getting one keeper.
Tommorow it gets real busy and the auger is going to get a good morning work out. All four house are full the next couple of days. Lets hope the fish cooperate.
Talked to Buddy Hillmen today. He said there doing real well out there. Jimmy’s brother got a 40 inch pike when I pulled up with Jimmy’s house. I pulled it from my shore over to beacon harbor. Things went real smooth so that was sweet. California is on the north shore and it will be fun to fish such a new area. I had hoped to fish it when I got there but the bolt to my auger vibrated out and the head fell off the truck. It damaged the gas cap. I could of jerry rigged it but I caught a couple of fish there two days ago so I know its a fishy area.