Good start to a full house

Well with only four houses this year it was nice to see all four with some fish. Mike and Verna had 4 keepers in Florida. Richard and his crew had a couple in Montana and a small pike Pat, Ryan and Pat’s son Shawn had two keepers. Pat has been a great customer over the years. He has even tried two other outfits that I know of but still comes back to old Minnesota. I told Pat they needed to be jigging a bit more as they had set lines down as they played cribbage. Joe and his crew fished California for the day and were gone before I got there. They did have a keeper before I left so that was encouraging.
While I was there just as it was getting dark I dropped a line and banged out 3 fish in less then 5 minutes. Keith had given me two fish so I was hoping for two more. After the first one all I needed was one when I had a keeper on my rod and reel. As I was trying to get the hook out the rattle wheel went off and just like that I was over my limit. The one on the rattle wheel went right back down the hole even though it was a fat 16 I had no choice. I guess it was a nice choice to have.
Getting all the houses ready yesterday morning was a adventure. When I arrived at Montana it looked like every piece of snow to the south west had drifted around the house and I had no choice but to move all the snow before I augerd out the holes.
When I got to Florida it was just the opposite and there was not a stitch of snow within 100 yards of the house. Minnesota the darn heater had gone out. We put a new control valve on it at the tune of 350.00 so I was a little bummed but the gas man will get it dialed in.
When Joe and his crew arrived I escorted them to California and all my fishermen were here for the night. Today we have another crew coming for Florida, and California