Said goodbye to all my fishermen yesterday morning. The college kids said they will be back next year. I then got busy finishing Arizona for Ryan and his crew. Wes rolled in 8 am sharp and I got them settled in and continued to work in Arizona. Just as I buttoned that one up Tim and his buddy arrived for one day in Minnesota as as well as the guys in Arizona. Once I had everyone settled in I moved Florida and prepped her out and then took California out deeper. Tony did not show for California so I did not auger the holes and headed off the lake. Ted and his buddy rolled in just after dark. As I met them at Hillman’s it had snowed a dusting and the wind was howling. I knew before we hit the lake that finding Florida in the dark was going to be a challenge and sure enough as soon as I hit the lake the landscape had changed do to the blowing wind. It took a few extra minutes to find the house but I managed to find it and get them settled in. Then it was off to do the rounds for the eve. Tim landed a 38 inch pike while Greg was in town and did not have a camera. Montana and Arizona both had slow bites all day with each house only having 3 keepers. Greg landed a fat 23 while I was in old minnesota and a small scuffit plus Tim missed two bites. Back to Florida and the guys were all settled in and hoping for a good bite.