still plugging away

The year sure has started off well compared to last year. No one has been skunked and the weather has been unreal. That’s about to change though and she will be a little tougher working out there today.
Nick and Anthony are fishing Florida as they arrived yesterday afternoon. Spent some time visiting them last night. They have fished a couple of other outfits up here in the past. And said i was the first one that ever checked on them . I guess I was surprised about that as I assumed that all the outfits check on the customers. I have never rented a fish house so I base what I do on what I would want. we have another full house this weekend then it tapers off a bit during the week.
The last weekend of Jan.all the houses are open? I guess there no reason to panic but we sure hate to have empty houses on the weekends. Lee and Tucker were here Sunday Monday and did ok .Lee had me out for fish Monday night in old Minnesota and the meal was excellent. They headed home yesterday with 4 real nice keepers. Lee did find one very fishy area and I need to decide if I want to slide a house over there.
I sure like where Florida is and plan on bringing Montana over by it today. Minnesota may go where Lee scouted and California has not been slept in where it’s at so I may just leave it there for the weekend. The sun is coming up better get to work