thursday the 12th

I only had two fishermen out there the last two nights. Anthony and Nick. The first night they said the rattle wheels went off 7 or 8 times and they got one keeper and missed the rest. I was like dudes you needed to get out of bed and Jig. Nick SDI they were to tired so lets hope if they had a run last night they got after it a bit.
I was able to move Arizona and Montana yesterday. I was hoping to leave Florida on the same spot but may have to move it today since it has been fished three night by two different groups.
Minnesota will have Pat for 3 days so I will have them fish it the first day where it is and then we may move it Saturday or Sunday. California will be used as a day house Friday, Saturday, Sunday and no one has spent the night in it where it is so it will stay where it is for now.
The fishing sure had been better then last year and lets hope that continues. Its nice to see fish coming out of the houses. I’m surprised I have not heard from Jill and her crew as they have been coming up for quite a few years