humble pie

Well another weekend has come and gone. It was a interesting weekend to say the least. Jake was up again to do some scouting and enjoy the beauty of upper red lake. After spanking them two weeks ago he was served a slice of humble pie. Jake fishes out of his van with tip ups set up for walleyes. He never found a fishy area all weekend. Saturday afternoon as he headed over to help me move Minnesota his van stopped running. We think his alternator went out and he had been running with his battery Friday and Saturday morning. Before he made it to me the van dies again. Being I run two batteries in blue thunder we switched up batteries and he was off to shore to see if he could get the alternator off. No such luck though.
I sent him home with two batteries and he ended having to buy one more to make it home.
Now for the rest of the fishing.California did the best Saturday with 8 keeper walleye and 2 elusive but still catchable upper red lake slabs.
I was off by 5 days as I predicted one of my house would have a crappie by the 10th.
Florida had Tom,Mike and Leonard they barely caught enough fish for a fish fry. I left Florida where it was because it had some good night time action the previous two fishermen. The plan was to move it Saturday depending how they did. Tom and Mike fished outside a good part of the day Saturday and did not fair well at all. I offered to move the house but Tom decided they would stay put. Hindsight I wish I would of moved it last week befor they arrived. I still think it a good spot but the bite was just off.
Montana had my old boss from Chomonix golf course in Anoka. They also had poor fishing and they were om a fresh spot. It was nice seeing Ben and Greg as it has been at least 5 years. Jason wants to come up hunt a bear this fall.
Arizona had a few guys from Mpls Darnell,Jon,Mike George and Derrick. They were not avid fishermen. They have gotten a few fish but only 3 keepers since last night. I checked there set up last night and Jon’s bait was 3 feet under the ice. I adjusted his bobber stop and before I had left he had his first upper red lake walleye a fat healthy 16 and 3/4.
Minnesota had Pat, Todd and Ryan. They have been coming for 7 years. Todd flies in from San Fransisco. Ryan spanked me in two games of cribbage and playing a dime a point I ended up owing him 8 dollars and 40 cents.
They did well after the move and Pat served me up some killer chili he made.They did go home with 12 upper red lake walleyes.
All in all the bite was not that good again on a weekend. Minnesota needs to be moved today as Matt and his crew roll in tomorrow.

Jon’s first upper red lake walleye Jon's Walleye

Leonard with one too big
Leonard's Big One

An elusive yet still catchable Upper Red Lake crappie