the weekend of the 29Th

Well it was nice to see the fishing picked up saturday eve,. Scott caught his trophy crappie a very fat thick elusive uppper red lake crappie. Dalton had a nice run at 10pm and landed 5 keepers. Jeff and his crew did much better after I moved california. Kevin and his crew ate like kings ,played cards and had a good time but the fishing was not the best but they were not fishing as hard as they could of. I did manage to get a keeper in minnnesota saturday while prepping for dave and sarhas arrival. They did not roll in tell 9pm saturday night . I will be moving them today if they did not have a good night.
I spent yesterday moving florida,montana and arizona before the snow starts drifting around the houses. They are banked, cleaned and ready to have the holes augered out friday morning.Peg and Jim arrive tomorrow for florida. Phil we be wetting a line in one of the houses tonight just not sure which one at this time. California has only been fished one night so i will leave it there for the up and coming weekend.
We will be spending the next couple of days moving some snow as I think we got around 6 inches.

Scott with is trophy and there catch for the weekend.[url=][img][/img][/url]

All the prep work before moving montana