16 days left

Lyle showed up wednesday while I was out of towm.He store his fish house here at my place so I gave him directions of where my houses were so he coule fish in that area. Lo and behold when I goy out there he was set up 26 paces form arizona. To funny I could care less How close he was but was hoping if he was a bit away he might find a better spot as there s so much ubfished out there its ridiculas[url=http://fishingminnesota.com/forum/file/userpics/2012/02/full-1934-17423-426010_357176497635164_168677789818370_1356256_347482067_n.jpg][img]http://fishingminnesota.com/forum/file/userpics/2012/02/full-1934-17423-426010_357176497635164_168677789818370_1356256_347482067_n.jpg[/img][/url]

They had 6 last night and needed two more before they leave this morning. I wanted to get a pic but they had fillet them up. I did mention they are not spose to do that but they played stupid I guess.
This weekend is the slowest of the seasom I have arizona monta and california rented the other two are empty. I plan on fishing minnesota after I move it today and will also sey florida up incase we get a last minute call with the temps dropping dowm to minus 20 tonight you naever know.
I decided to leave california where it was as its a freebe for a friend of a friend and had to reauger the holes and it was a good reminder why I would rather move a house then re auger as its tough on the body and tough on the auger. I will not be doing that again. Dan mel and thetre friends are coming up and Dan is going to cut down some trees for me in return for using montana so thats a good deal as a logger I talked to wanted 1500 dollars.
After the weekend I have another slow week tell thursday when my bro comes in with 3 buddies from chicago.It will be nice to see him and should be a good time. Arizona is open the 17th 18th and florida and arizona are open the last weekend of walleye season.