feb.10th and 11th

Chalk up another weekend. Arizona did the best this weekend. Ben and Julie and the kids were gone saunday morning before I could go say good bye. So no idea how they did saturday night.
Dan @ Greg did a outstanding job cutting down the trees I needed taken down on our lakeshore. I’ll have plenty of cleanup to do once walleye season closes. We cut down atleast 20 big trees with a couple huge basswood and ash I beleave? Now I will be able to store the house’s on higher ground.Mel and Peanuts have fished hard in montana while the guys worked and since they landed that big pike saturday morning it has been slow with just a perch here and there.
Ralfh and his friends were in california. I knew a Ralfh once and he legaly changed his name to Lee.
They did not do well at all but had a good time. Since they did not do well They had onion rings with there beer batter. They had a small dark house and tried spearing. Ralph did see one pike in the 30s. They also saw a walleye or two so I may bring a hous over to that area.
I spent two brief evenings in minnesota. The first night I just used the gas lights and no power. Never marked a fish .Saturday eve I had the generator going 20 feet from the house. I had all the lights on and a movie going on the dvd. I ended up catching 6 fish 3 walleyes and 3 perch . 2 keepers and one to small[img]http://fishingminnesota.com/forum/file/userpics/2012/02/full-1934-17528-422179_361424220543725_168677789818370_1366720_296122742_n.jpg[/img]

I still may have a chance at a crappie there and I will be in and out of minnesota alll week before I move it.
All 5 house’s will be moved this weeek. Warren and his pals roll in thursday from chicago,Peg and Jim will be here wednesday and thursday for montana.