Still fishing

I’m the only one left. Other then Buddy having a house out there my houses are the only ones out there at this time. It has always been hard to throw in the towel as the season comes to a end so abrupley.
I now have the house set of for a chance at a crappie or two. So far so good as Steave and Kurt were up monday night and caught two out of florida. Kellie and I fished old minnesota and did not catch one darn the luck.
Jake will be up again this weekend and has 4 or 5 other guys coming as they search for the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie.That leaves arizona and california open for the weekend. After this weekend it will be time to cut a trail and get the houses close to shore.If the conditions are good and i have a fishermen or two I will pull a house back to the crappie area if need be.