the last couple of days

Pat, Rich,Ryan,Todd and Shawn rolled in friday afternoon. It was nice seeing them again and Pat again beat me a cribbage.
The first day minnesota out fished ryan and rich in montana. !4 to 2. When I got out there to move them I decided at the last minute to make a smaller move as the area seemed pretty fishy. After 2 hours with help from chase both houses were moved onto fresh ice. It paid off and the guys made a nice come back with both houses getting around 25 fish. California was used as a day house with the guys not doing all that well.The second day was a little better and they were happy to have a fish fry.
Brian,Todd and Trent had good success in florida. Every time I stopped in to check in on them the lights were down the radio was low and they were very content. After the second night I moved them. Again just a small move but that was all that was needed as they started catching fish again.
Shelly, Chase and Chasity are now fishing florida .We spent some time with them last night and it was slow. I hope to move minnesota and florida today.
Pat and his buddy were in the cabin last night . I sent them to an area and they were very pleased with the results ,Now I have to decide if thats where I should put a house.
John and his group also did well where I sent them .
Wild Bill did real well where I sent them but must of gave the position out to friends as there has been portables there all three days since they fished there