I again will be moving the houses for the up and coming weekend. Yesterday I moved montana and today I will move california, Minnesota is still open this weekend so will be the last one to move. Hoagie will be up today so I imagine I will have to move florida friday after they leave as I still have a problem with a house being in the same place for more then 3 days of fishing. There’s nothing worse then telling the customers the guys that were here yesterday did not do very well.
We got some more snow last night, and it will be getting harder to move the houses with out plowing first. Blue thunder again is the work horse of the fleet. The red barons v-plow needs a little work before it hits the ice and the dodge prospector has became the new scoutting truck.
The fishing has been deccent but the area I’m at has been pounded pretty hard and I will be looking for a new area the next couple of days. Duey and his better half the fish whisper will be here friday. They have been coming for years and its funny to look back and remember how duey was so concerned the first time he rented from us he has a million questions. Should be another fun weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the report and all that you do for us customers, Cookie! It’s exciting that you’re going to pioneer some new ground to keep us on the fish! See you in a little over a week. Can’t wait.


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