Amazing I think the temp hit 50 yesterday. I did drive along the pressure ridge out of hillmens around 3 and it looked the same.
Hoagie and Don did real well as of last night they had caught over 20 some to small but still fun to catch. They also lost a few fish. Remember a few is in the high teens back in the crappie days. A couple is over ten and some is two or three.
Scott and his buddie had some, I did not get his buddies name but I did miss one when I stopped and his buddie lost one while I was there. Yesterday I spent part of the day moving minnesota and putting new propane on all 4 houses for the up and coming cold snap. I also had to run the sweety to town, When we got back home I helped buddy on the road for a bit .The temps wiped out 70% of the snow if not more. Banking the house with nice wet slush will be interesting. Minnnesota is open for the weekend so the plan is just to bank it once the temps drop and we get some snow cover. I may move florida this morning before Duey and the horse whisper/Sue arrive. all though as well as Hoagie and don did it would be interesting to see how it does its third time fished?. I also have caifornia open as Tom decided he did not want to drive all the way from Iowa in to this weather. I have always looked at it as it’s minnesota people move about but coming home from mpls thanksgiving night? What one long white knuckle drive that took 7 and half hours.