By last night we has lost 90 % of the snow cover and the lake was awash with standing water . What snow was left was like driving through mash patatos . I always enjoy driving through the slush when its like that. I did have the auger on the back of blue thunder uncovered with the choked closed. When I went to start it before Duey and crew arrived I could not budge the pull cord as the cyclinder was full of water. When I was home in the afternoon I pulled the plug and pulled the cord a few dozen times. Put the plug in and she fired on the third pull gotta love my strikmaster.

I did get old minnesota to a new spot. I augered two holes and plan on fishing it a bit this weekend. Stopped and talked to Scott and they had there 7 and were just fishing c@r.
I also drove over to beacon harbors roads from the lake and from his place. Lyle and his guys are out there . They only had two keepers but were confident the spot was going to turn on. There was a very interesting looking area where the pressure ridge fades away to just a crack. It was like a large pool of 4 feet water. A guy sure would not want to drive into that. As long as Buddy’s house stays where its at, I have a mental note of where it is.
Driving down buddy’s road /hillmens you go over a a stretch of rough ice/ white ice it run ne to sw. Man is it bumpy for 300 yards . Theres another area further out but only 100 yards wide. The rough ice always has the chance of holding a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie, At the end of the road where the p[ressure ridge is there were a few shacks to the left and right. I know fishermen in both directions so will see how they have done. One time I had alaska sitting in front of a pressure ridge and a giant chunk cracked under the weight of the snow drift behind the house. It sunk about a foot. , I noticed the house looked funny but did not put it togeter untill I went to move it as the back half was frozen into the lake , It could of been worse but all the snow that blew in to the low spot insulated it from totaly freezing. It was still a chore getting it out.
Looks like the 2 to 7 inches of snow missed us. The winds are blowing as anything.I type and I plan on staying off the lake untill this afternoon unless Duey and his crew need