Its been a challenging week here on upper red lake. Not sure where the week went. Dave and his crew pulled out yesterday morning. After cleaning all the houses”I still get a kick out of vacuming them” it was again time to move. With this cold blast on the way my plans were to get all 4 houses out of there perches/nests/spots. The red baron made her first trip on the ice with out the v-plow. Today i will be able to pick new spots as there all staged and ready to move. Minnesota still gave me problems and It looks like I need a bigger jack or I will be battling her evertime I mave. Andy will be coming for montana so the pressure is on as he always has such high expectations. Wayne and phil are coming for minnesota and it will be nice to visit with wayne as he has not been here in a couple of years. The absolute funnest time I ever had in a fish house was with him, dave,my brother warren and I playing wee bowling for dollars. 6 hours of laughing, laughing and more laughing what a hoot it was. Tony coming for california and Cody from another fishing site will be coming for the first time.
Dave aand his crew did not pound on them but with 7 guys and 3 nights they managed to eat fish two of the 3 nights and take home a couple of limits. Jason and his family sue, megan and megans friend jake enjoyed there stay and said they would be back next year. My goal has and always willl be to treat my customers the way I would like to be treated. All my repeat cutomers have kept us going through the rougher economical times and I thank you.
Moving the houses.All 4 shacks will be on fresh ice tomorrow morning.Ther are times I will not move a house and this weeknd will be one of those times as the are predicting 30 below .If the temps are below 0 with winds I will not move a house If theres no wind i will go as far as 10 below but thats the cut off. I will not move a house in the dark,in a blizzard or white out conditions. I enjoy moving the houses as its part of the job and I love my job. A few guest over the years have rode in them while we moved I guess its quite the ride. With the cold snap this weekend I will be busy just keeping the vechicles up and running. More then likly its going to cost me a couple tanks of gas but thats better then trying to get them running in the extream cold.