Wow did she blow yesterday. I wanted to beat the winds and get minnesota moved befroe the white out conditions. Of coure the weathermen misssed there mark and she was all ready blowing when I got on the lake. I had ran into Chris and I had told them a general area to try, They did well and were headed home. Chris said they ended up on some dirty ice so I spent a little time trying to find that exaact spot. In the prosess I lost my phone murfeys law I guess. 9 years and 3 phones and this was the first time I lost or damaged my phone. With white out conditions pending I now was with out a phone with visabilty down to less then a 1/4 mile. Once I started on my journy with minnesota I got to beacon harbors bridge and it was under water, I stepped out of the protection of blue thunder to scott a new crossing. Returning to the truck walking side ways into the wind a wheel house pulled up and the two guys were scratching there heads what to do. I walked over to them to show them there was indeed a bridge under the water and darn if I need not get both my feet wet, Ish! Nothing worse then working with wet feet. What normaly takes a hour was closer to 2 hours moving minnesota in those conditions. Thats two weekends in a row I have gotten my feet wet. Last week I broke the carnial rule and went on the lake with shoes murfhys law. I will now be putting a exrta set of socks and boots in both trucks,
After getting minnesota set up I checked on andy and andy in montana and they were closing in on 50 fish caught and released. Cody and Mike in florida had there 7 and were also practing c@r. The general and faw- ki- naa had also packed up and moved out deeper.
After getting minnesota set up I hunkered down with wayne and phil and played cards and fished. I then received a message from tony as he was having generator issues in california. The generator had become drifted in and packed with snow, you would think a little common sense would of prevented this mishap. Now I had to put my wet socks and booots on Ish! Off I went in white out conditions to take care of the problem. I suggested they put the generator in the back of kurks pickup but they did not want in running in his pickup so I unloaded a box of blocks and set the unit in there.
I then scolled Tony on keeping a eye on things in the extream conditions we were facing.
Back to minnesota for more fishing and cards with wayne and phil. The wind died down to a small gail after dark and I headed home to pick up the red baron and put a extra propane on montana.