well well it looks like the temps are minus 20 this morning with a high of minus 2 today. Going to be tough moving all the shacks for the up and coming weekend. Thursday more snow is predicted. I clocked it out and as of last night it is 7 miles to the door step of montana. Dave and Sarha rolled in around 9 pm last night. They brought me barbque from market barbque. Yummy and thanks. After checking them in I stopped to check on Brett and Melony. They had good fishing and had just finished walleye for dinner, They offered the left over fish so Bell the blueberry eating dog and I had a nice snack on the way in.
I still have not figuered out why the dodge prospector will not start and that needs to go on the to do list.
Hillmens road is in great shape. I spent some time friday night and saturday morning plowing