I could not be happier about the bite right now. Brett and Melony have done real well in old minnesota. Dave and Sarah said last night they had the best fishing ever yesterday. They had me bring them oil and shore lunch when I came out to check on them and more minnows.
Today I will be moving california and florida out deeper as that’s where the better fishing has been. Old minnesota will also be moved and montana will be moved tomorrow after dave and sarah leave. Even though minnesota and montana are still producing fish I can not help but putting them on fresh ice for the up and coming weekend.
Jake, Jenny and Gabrial will be coming up this weekend along with all the grand kids mathew jakob,jason,ashly and brittnie and daughter Melisa.
I think I will put a prize on who can catch the most fish that should keep the kids entertained. Should be a fun weekend as kellie and I miss the kids.