Much better fishing yesterday. Keith buddie’s were up to 43 fish landed since I plowed them a spot. They were playing cards when I stopped in to see how they were doing. One of the guys had some jarred pickles which were way good.
Rick,bob,bob and Jason rollled in around 3 yesterday. They only had 3 keepers last nite so I may move them today. Bret,andy, trish and Jen had much better fishing after I moved them out a little deeper. Greg and Gary have done real well in minnesota. They have even landed 3 10 inch crappies. There’s been quite a few caught this year so it makes a guy wonder how many there are. I’ll be in no hurry to get the houses off the lake. I have three guys coming up next weekend to chase the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Yesterday was just beautiful out on the lake, I sure will miss working out there as the season whines down