Day 8 of my working vacation. Mother nature hit us with quite a bit of snow I measured 5 inches in one spot but it could be closer to 10.
Saturday I perticapated in a snowmoble ride in honor of one of the first members that helped establish the trails. The trip was over 120 miles. My machine broke down around 100 mile mark. It was alot of funn untell then. Marty was nice enough to tow me home. I think I blew up the motor. ouch the rocket may have nade her last ride
Kellie and I were planning on fishing last night but mother nature changed our plans. I will be spending the day cleaning up the main road and a couple side roads I’ll spend the rest of the week digging out the houses and moving them offf there spots rather then move all the drifts. Its just amazing how much snow drifts around objects and the wind was not even that strong