JUlie and Gene have had consistant fishing in old minnesota, Peng,Molly,Yoo and Nadide fished florida friday night. They arrived around 8 30 pm and fished untell noon today. I little slow for them. They did miss a few and only landed a couple. They set up there portable for the rest of the day just a few yards from florida and had a little fluurrie around 3. Molly served me a asian dish and I had her send me the receipe chicken lettuce wraps very good.
Garret was in montana last night and had only caught one fish when I checked in on him. He plans on staying around today and fishing montana after I move it. Kevin, Phil, Max, Trent and I headed out yesterday morning to do a little scoutting. The first place we fished At the crack of dawn Max,Kevin and I each landed a 14 inch walleye. I yhink it was the same one all three times. I then headed over to fill the generators while they headed out deeper to spend the day scoutting. They found the mother load later yesterday with Kevin landing a elusive yet still catchable 16 inch crappie. He planns on getting it mouted and it was a beautiful fish. I will be traveling to that spot this morning on a wheeler to see if its possible to get the shacks into that area. I lettle nervouse with all the standing water on the lake and most of the snow meltted away. I’ll measure some spots as we go and look at others before I take the houses that far. It will be interesting to see where they take me as I explained it had to be a area I cann get to. I was way happy with the first place we fished and will have that spot as a second choice.
Gary and his crew of 5 had 5 keepers where they were fishinng. Standing out on the lake enjoying the day they were happy with there catch as Gary said when ws the last time you could stand out on the ice this time of year and catch a few fish with good friends and family.
Roger and his crew of three had 6 in the pail and had caught quite a few over the slot. I escorted Matt out friday evning and I think he said they got 7 over night.