Headed out to new area at the crack of dawn with Kevin and his crew. With all the fog I’m not quite sure where were at other then north west of hillmens road. It will be interesting to see the shoreline once the fog breaks. I moved florida and montana into the area. I did find 15 to 17 inches of ice and I think with these temps we may of lost a inch of ice if not a little more.
Garret went to westwind for breakfast while I moved montana and seemed way happy about the move his plan was to fish untell dark last night before heading home. He had some great fishing and said he could not keep two lines down at one point.
Cody and his crew arrived for florida around three. I had to load up blue thunder with snow to bank the house as there is no snow left on the lake . When I talked to them at 8 they were catching fish so all was good, the fog was so bad I decided not to check in on them if they were ok.
Today I will dig minnesota out and haul her out in that area, I then will move montana a few yards to put it on fresh ice. With those two houses open I will block them up and worry about banking them later this week. I also need to load up blue thunder with some more snow to bank florida before this weather turns cold