WOW what a beautiful morning it was on the lake. I headed out to florida to say goodby to Cody,Thane,Gabe Kaleb. The fishing was slow for them last night all though Cody and Gabe had a portable about 50 yards away and hammered them. Since they stayed 3 nighs it would of been nice to move them on to fresh ice yesterday but my repairs on blue thunder did not go as well sa I expected. I twistted the transmission line and now have to also repair that. I have a radiator coming from mpls and need to make a run to Bemidji when it comes in.
Lee and Carl are on there way up and Lee will be helping me bank minnesota,montana and florida for a couple free nights of fishing, we will also move florida. I also have a two man house on shore that needs some beefing up and I then can get it out there North Carolina will be its name. David is on his way over to help me get my bridge out of the woods and then were going to go get hillmens bridge out of the woods as it looks like we will need two to get over the pressure ridge.