Lee and Carl arrived around 3 yesterday and I sent them out to bank minnesota by hand. I moved a little snow around with the v-plow on red baron earlier when I was cleaning florida(I still gt a kick out of vacumming the fish houses) so they have some to work with. They also augered the holes and will fish and relaxe untill today when I put them to work. They had three keepers when I talked to them at 6 and were going to have fresh walleye for dinner. I drove the 1 ton out there yesterday, the red baron ,I went nice and slow and had no issues. I only drove where I have been driving to the houses. Theer were a few fishermen out of hillmens but very quiet out there. Buddy Has scoped out the pressure ridge and has a plan once we need to go further west. For now the fishing is still good a mile out. All though one of the spots we scoutted last week we were the closest fishermen to shore and we landed 3 at the crack of dawn before we moved.