At one point yesterday both the red baron and blue thunder were down ugg. The red baron was a esy fis as the starter connection went bad and I had no ignition. A two hour fix and she was up and running. Blue thunder on the other hand has turned into more of a project.I had a charlie brown moment and installed the trans cooler on the wroung side of the radiator, I had to improvise reeasttaching it as I ruin the four clips that came withthe kit. Then the bottom trans line broke in the new radiator ugg again. I will have time to work on it again today and hope to have it up and running for my nightly rounds.
Jim amd Mark checked into montana and have had slow fishing with only 2 keepers and two jumbo perch ,they plan on using there portable today and fish a rock pile that Jim found a few years back if they can get there. Frank and his crew are having a blast ,there playing cards, drinking beer and catching enough fish for a late nite fish fry. There a hoot and are constently shelling each other. They stay down at the lake every opener.
We got about a half inch of snow last night which will help with the banking.
Frank at North Country food and fuel said from his house on the shores of upper red lake he could drive all the way to center bar with no pressure ridges.He has his house four miles out and said its just crazy out on center bar. Buddy Hillmen was scoping out a path to cross the pressure ridge so we can push west and finish his road. I need blue thunder up and running today