First off merry christmas to all from Cookie and Kellie. Last night heading out to check on Mike and Shelly and there was quite a bit of standing water on the lake. I do not think theres enough running down the holes to make big holes which is a good thing. The fishing was a bit slower yesterday for mike and shell. I told them my houses never seem to get better the second and third day. Not sure why or how to correct it other then moving the house onto fresh ice. Its very quiet out of Hillmens road with just a couple andlers out there.
Buddy Hillmen has moved most of his fleet over the pressure ridge and has them stung out every 1/4 mile or so. Looking for the bridges became a adventure I was driving nice and slow and just could not make out a bridge untell I drove over a 3 inch wide crack of open water. I then spotted the bridge to the west. The second bridge was bigger but I did not cross it as I have no intension of moving that way yet as the fishing has been good where I’m at for now. I also noticed I still have no heat in blue thunder even though the temp gauge is around 189. When I got home I topped off the radiator,I then got a funnel and topped off the overflow tank. Turns out just like I thought the over flow tank is cracked and spewed out all the antifeeze I dumped into it. I then procedded how to remove it. I had to pull the battery,then the battery trey and move all the wires for the plow. Sure as sh the tank was cracked I repaire dit with goralla glue and will put it all back together today. I hope that solves my heating problem but I may still have to flush out the heater core.
I also set up Gary and Kay the farmer I work for . They fished montana for a couple hours and landed 5 fish with quite a few misses. They fish old school with jig sticks and bobbers and then hand over hand there fish. No vexlars or rods and reels Gary did not even have a depth bomb. So I set all there lines with the vexlar just off the bottom. Mike and Shell are on there own today as I have to go to bemidji this morning. Rick and Diane show up tomorrow.