Good morning to all. I hope santa was kind to everyone.
Mike and Shell left a day early ,not sure why but when I talked to them and everything was fine, they even left me a tip. Rick and Diane arrive today for a couple nights in florida, I will be heading out to move it onto fresh ice ,detail it and auger 6 holes. There is no snow on the lake so I will have to shovel snow into the back of blue thunder ugg. Mother nature at work again . The temps are going to drop this weekend so I need to make sure all the houses are moved,blocked up and banked. If your coming up I would reccomend some type of ice cleats as its slick out there. Driving out last night to check the houses when we got home from town the standing water was starting to glaze over.It would be nice if it freezes up a bit before the traffic this weekend. All the grandkids will be coming today so we will be all wetting a line over the next three days, should be fun. I need to put blue thunders overflow tank back on today . I have also been drilling out two holes to bolt the plow bracket on the frame and broken 2 drill bits. Running out of room and not sure how to get broken bits out of holes. North carolina need a little more minor work also so I have a busy xmas daay.