I had a very busy day yesterday. Detailed all the houses, hauled north carolina out to the area I’m fishing. Moved. augered and banked florida. I had to get 3 loads of snow from shore to bank it. Wow a lot of shovling the back got a work out yesterday. The kids did not arrive untell late so we did not fish. All the houses are being used today so we will have to wait tell tomorrow to fish. I reinstalled the overflow tank on blue thunder and still do noy have good heat. I guess the next thing to try is flushing out the heater core. I must do that today as the temps are going to keep dropping all week. We have a full house today so we will see how the area I’m fishing holds up. I still think they are fish in shallow and could have good fishing in 8 to 9 feet of water. I still have not driven over Hillmens bridges but if you travel over them go slow