Looks like I have a half hour to spend a little time talking about the last few days. None of the customers I’ve had went home dissapointed so that was good. The fishing wasn’t spectacular but every one caught some fish. I have ruined another area and moved 3 of the four houses to new fishing grounds.
Dan, Trent and Ben really enjoyed old minnesota and loved the set up. I turned Ben on to a couple pieces of diamond willow and he was digging that. Rick and Dianne went home with there 6 and also enjoyed them self. Norm, Brad and Jake fished 1 day and did not do as well with only taking home 6 fish. They had alot of excitment friday night when a truck got stuck in the pressure ridge right out the front of the picture window. Rick watched all the action from the bathroom window in florida. It took 10 jerks to get it out and the cv joint or driveshaft was broken on a brand new ford truck. Geno, Hunter and there other buddie also got in on the action and watched them get the truck out at 1 am. Not sure why people think they can drive over these pressure ridges. I guess they see a area that looks flat and assume its safe. There may also of been alittle drinking involved. I heard it was not even there truck as the owner was passed out at the fish house. ZOIKS bet he was mad.
We had the two youngest grand kids up for the holidays with my daughter and her new boy friend Eric. I took advantage of him and him help me move houses and gather snow from the shore of upper red lake as there was/is little snow on the lake. It takes about three loads of snow to do one house so times that by 4 and your talking 12 loads of snow trucked out on the lake. Eric was a little sore when they left sunday. Missy detailed the houses on sunday before they left so thanks guys you were a tremedous help. Pat and his two boys Liem and Shawn rolled into minnesota sunday afternoon along with Vince and his crew in florida. Pat and the boys did real well in the new location and got 31 fish the first night into yesterday morning .Last night was slower with the fish very finincy for some reason. Vince and his crew fished in florida next to the pressure ridge the first night and had a bite about every hour.. Yesterday morning when I headed out to check on them and take Tom and John to montana a crack had came behind florida under montana. It then turned and went back the other way where it went under the generatoar and back to the pressure ridge causing both my houses to be floating on a giant chunk of ice. When I came back with blue thunder to get the house’s out of there the crack had widen to a foot under montana. The runners must of been frozen in to the ice just enogh to not give. The shiftting of the ice broke the welds on the steal runner and the 16 foot runner came off the house causing the edge of the house to fall down to the frame work . Zoiks I checked with Tom and John and they said the house shiftted a little bit? So they moved there trucks. I spent a good part of the day trying to find some one to weld it once I got it up off the ice and blocked up. With know luck of a portable welder. I will be heading out shortly to try and repositon it, drill some holes and bolt it back together instead of welding it. Brian was a no show for the cabin sunday monday and did not even bother to call and give me a heads up.
Buddy Hillmen has 3 or 4 bridges crossing the pressure ridge and cracks and you need to stop in the store to get a heads up . Remember to drive over them slow there is 18 inch of ice on the edges so driving over fast mess things up. There is plenty of ice to drive over slowly. Its getting light out I need to hit the ice have a grand day