Yesterday was another busy day. Spent the first three hours of the day repairing montana in brutal conditions on the lake. -15 with a west wind at about 20 mph. Without Tom’s help I could not of repaired it. After the repair I moved montana over by the other houses. Then it was hecktic as all 4 houses needed to be prepped for customers arriving at 2. They all arrived on time and I had to have them wait a 1/2 hour untell I had all the houses vacumed and augered. The old strikmaster is getting a little tired and needs new blades. I have the blades 65 bones but was so busy did not want to spend the time putting them on. The time I would of saved augering I should of just changed them as it was a bear punching out all them holes in short order. I got Shell and Marty checked in florida. Sergio and his group of 8 with 5 young kids in montana and old minnesota and jessica and carl in north carolina. After going over the rules of the houses I headed home to take a quick break. The break was short as it was close to 4 oclock and I like to go back on the lake at sunset if I’m on shore. All 4 houses had all ready had some action when I topped off the generators . How sweet is that it always pays off to move even if its 30 yards. Now if I could just figure out how to get more then two good days of fishing I could leave the houses in the same spot. Wisfull thinking I guess. As the evning went on I again headed out at 10 to check on everybody one more time as the winds had picked up through out the day and it was wicked out there. What little snow is around is blowing to the west and 30 miles a hour. To my surprise there are 2 foot drifts all ready around the houses. Every one was still catching fish and Sergio had 9 in the bucket fishing plain red hooks and a fathead. Marty and Shell were getting ready to chow down on 5 upper red lake walleyes. Bob and the guys in montana had all the lights off so I did not bother them but Sergio said they were catching fish. Carl and Jessica came back from north carolina with 5 keepers and are staying in the cabin. Today I need to finish drilling out holes for plow mounts on blue thunder and get that bolted as it sounds like some snow is on the way.
Buddy Hillmens road is in great shape with a berm to follow on the south side of the road and reflectors on the north side. Make sure you check into the store/bait shop as the bridges can and often have to be moved. Be safe out there and stop trying to cross pressure ridges. I learned a good lesson sunday and have no plan to put my houses that close again.I new better and got burned