Happy new year all you fisher people.
Sergio and his group did really well and headed home with 32 fish. They had tremendous fishing. Marty and Shell were in florida for the second night and the bite was not as good, seems the house’s never get better the second night. Joel and Luke are in North Carolina and were up to 22 last night . Shell Jeff and Chase arrived around 10 and to my surprise brought blue thunder 1 back home from pine city so I have a parts truck on hand. How cool was that and unexpected. We had a couple cocktails through out the evening as I waited for Nate to arrive with his group for Montana. They had some vechicle trouble and rolled in at 1;30 am. Talked to Jessica and Carl in the cabin they headed way out on hillmens road and had a fantastic day of fishing .Sounds like there is a good bite going on out deeper with a few bonus elusive upper red lake crappies to boot.
Marty came to shore yesterday and we were able to get the plow mounts bolted on blue thunder which was a project that needed drastic attention. The wind has been howling for 48 hours and I think most of the snow on lower red lake is now around my houses. Wow there are 4 foot drift its just amazing where it come from. Blue thunder and the red baron are about to get a workout. Wayne arrives for Montana today and Nate and his crew are switching to florida. Chase is going to help me do some plowing and what ever other work I can find to do.