Good morning to all you fisher people. Another fun but busy day yesterday.Marty and Shell stayed two nights in florida and Marty was such a big help.Thanks again Marty if ya want to come up and fish and help me out just give me a shout during the week. Natte, Holly and the other two guys had fantastic fishing when they checked in at 2 am, they have eaten some fish and are enjoying there stay in montana. Luke and Jeff decided to spend another night in north carolina. Shell chick,Jeff and Chase have caught a few but it has slowed down. Wayne is in florida and missed a couple on th erattle wheels but was throuly enjoying himself.
Last night the bite had really slowed down in the house’s. The plan is to move all 4 today before we batten down the hatches for 4 to 8 inches of snow starting today. I set up a few fishermen in there wheel houses yesterday, Wild Bill and his two buddies were one shy of there limit last night and they are completly buy themself. I also set up a few other wheel houses around the lake and they all were catching fish and happy with there locations. How sweet is that.
Chase will help me again today and what a asset having a young buck helping me out for a day. Wayne has to move to montana today as Aaron and his crew arrive for florida. Dave rolls in for the cabin and North carolina. Shell ,Jeff and Chase may stay again tonight they were going to decide today. I will be spending my spare time wetting a line with Wayne as he is one of my best friends.he is also one of the best fishermen I know. I’ve learned all sorts of tricks from Wayne that catch fish. The plann this morning is get all the houses on fresh spots, I’m staying in the area I’m at for now and hoping we have not fished are honey hole out. With all the snow around the houses it only makes sense to dig in right there with plenty of snow around to bank the houses. With a high of 11 below sunday banking the houses is going to be evry importent. Time too warm up the trucks and get ready too hit the lake I expect great fishing the next two days so it willl be interestting to see if I’m right