Yesterday was one long a$$ day. With the impending storm I was determined to get all 4 houses on new spots, fresh ice ,all blocked up and banked to the hilt. I had a great plan but as always murphy’s law takes over. Jeff and shell chick had a flat tire so we delt with that plus I had to come home and unload blue thunder 1 form th etrailor Nate and Holly,Spencer and Andrew has a fantastic time and siad they would be back. I receved a email that Lyn would not be able to show up for old minnesota. I needed to get north carolina and florida moved first as they were showing up at 2pm check in time. Dave and his family called around 3 to say they arrived. I came to shore only to find out they were not ready to go and I still had montana and old minnesota to move. I gave them 15 minutes to get ready as I had to get out there and move those two house. In the process I figured out I had another no show for florida. Ouch two no shows on a big weekend. Thats to bad as I had other calls for this weekend that I turned down. The season is short and a guy hates to loose that income plus all the hard work I put in getting the houses on fresh ice. I set up Chris and Tim in a new spot and they had there limit in 2 hours with another bonus elusive upper red lake crappie 15 1/2 inch that Tim released .Way to go Tim. I have a pic on facebook under John Halvarson she was a beauty.
After getting Dave and his family in Northh carolina it was off to move montana. The move went well and I had Wayne wetting a line in know time. Headed over to old miinesota the last one to move, it was dark. I try not to move houses after dark but had no choice as I wanted it moved before the snow hit. It was good experiance incase i ever have to move a house in the middle of the night. The wheel houses I talked to had slower fishing in the area were at and it may be burned out. Ruined another good area. Time will tell. Just as I finised banking minnesota the snow started coming down. I came home ate dinner got gas and headed back out at 9pm to play a few game of cards with wayne and wet a line. I landed two one on the rattle wheel and one on my rod and reel with the vex i also checked in with Chris and Jim and they were way happy with there spot. I talk to all the wheel houses that are around me today if I get the chnace just to get a feel if the area is fished out . I was happy with the two i caught as I was also playing cards.

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