well all my hard work paid off. I would guess we got 5 to 6 inche’s of fresh snow.With the wind blowing the lake is full of pillow drifts. Wow there were some cooll looking drifts out there. There not wind blown hard yet and as long as a guy watches what he is doing can still travel off road.Its when you hit a spot where there was a wheel house or hard house that it gets interesting to say the least. i was tooling along last night cross country at a very low speed in blue thunder when i rolled over a froven mess. Every thing in the truck ended up somewhere else. Glad i was going slow or I would of been air born.
Now for the fishing report, Arron and his group fished florida for the day and ended up with 12 keepers. I have caught 4 hanging with wayne while playing cards and having a hoot. North carolina has been slow but when 1 guy has 4 lines down its nothing but bad ju ju in my book. I also rented old minnesota yesterday .The first time I stopped to check on them yhey were napping after the long drive. I ate a minnow in front of the two kids and boy did there faces lite up.To funny. Boar pulled out around noon with there fish and thinks the area still has potential.which is good because moving houses with all this snow just got a little harder. I’m sure we will be working on Hillmens road all day so I’m glad no one is coming in untill tomorrow. Wayne may stay a extra day. Lets hope because I sure enjoy his company. The red baron is running as I type while blue thunder has a bad starter wire that I thought I correctted yesterday. The red baron also needs new plow lites as the old ones have broken off . Blue thunder needs tail lites so I have one truck with headlites and no tail lites and one truck with tail lite and know headlites. I guess i could hook them together. Oops just looked at the calender and I have Matt and his wife coming today with Todd rolling in tomorrow. – 22 this morning burrr