Things have been a little hectic the last two days with the 6 inches of snow. Nick, Derrick and there two boys Ely and Dillon stayed in old minnesota saturday night. The kids had a blast and it was fun to see there smiles.. The fishing was a bit slow for them all though 3 of the four times I stopped in they were all in bed. They did take home some fish sunday morning and left the house in great condition thanks guys. Wayne had to go home sunday after all. He did not catch a lot of fish but had a fantastic trip partting with everyone thursday night. We played quite a bit of texas hold em as he loves his poker. Dave and his family also went home with fish, they used north carolina has a day house and also had the cabin. The guys in the cabin yesterday went out of westwind about 4 miles and figured they caught 20 fish yesterday. Plain red hook has been the trick the last couple days as the fish have be come lathargic with all the snow cover.
I spent about 4 hours and two tanks of gas plowing Buddy hillmen’s road. Coming off the lake in the afternoon I pulled on to the hwy and the Red Baron started to shake. I assumed I had a flat tire and limped it home. When I got home it was not a flat tire but a compleatly worn out wheel bearing / hub assembly. A trip to blackduck yesterday for a 180 dollar part. I’m hoping there,s no other damage and will no more later today.
Matt and Tammy have been fishing in Florida since sunday and are enjoying them self with Tammy landing the biggest a 18 icher. Matt and his crew checked in to montana yesterday .The door handle broke on the fish house sunday morning. I picked up a new one yesterday and need to install that later today. They had 8 keepers last night when I checked in on them. The Goose and Rich have 4 keepers when I stopped by for birthday dinner. Sunday I plowed into one of the extension cords on montana I looked at one in kellier and they wanted 94 dollars for a 100 foot 14 gauge cord. I had to pass on that as I want attleast a 12 gauge. I still have not gotten to bemidgi to drop off my third generator thats not giving out power. The house have all been catching fish and I have a couple days to decide if I want to move them. After writing closed on my calender thursday I ended up renting all 4 house to a group heading to Lake of the woods and wanted to fish from noon to 5. That really puts me in a small window if i want the houses on fresh ice friday for the weekend. oops what was I thinking.
I also made a huge mistake and never checked out the bridges before the snow storm and have no idea where I can push the houses over the pressure ridge. This willl make it a little more interesting when I push to the west as the skid houses can not use the bridges. I have heard through the grape vine that theres some good fishing out there. The heat is stilll not producing in blue thunder two and a heater core is going on the list of repairs as she was a little cold when it was 22 below yesterday morning. Still loving the work. A little tired but that happens when you get older every year.
Buddy Hillmens road is in great shape, the wind was un bearable out there yesterday and the snow was diffently moving around and drifting around every object on the lake