Tammy and Matt leave today. They fished florida in the same spot and never asked to move and I never volenteered as yesterday with the wind it was absulutly brutal out there. They caught plenty of fish,lost a few, more then three. Remember a couple is 8 or nine while a few is in the 15 to 20 range to fuuny..
Cody and his gang are here one more day, they also feel very content and did not ask to move and I again did not volenteer. I did get there door handle replaced and thinking about it thats the third door knob for that house in 9 years.I guess there life span is 3 years.
The wind was absulutly brutal out there yesterday. It gave me the perfect time to drive to the end of Buddy Hillmens road/hwy.. WOW what a road. I feel so proud to help work on such a masterpiece 6 miles and you could land a 747 on it. The three bridge are in good shape and I also found a spot to push my houses over the pressure ridge when the time comes. There was one wheel house at the very end of the road and square miles of unfished water to the north. Wow again man is there room to spread out. After that wind yesterday I will have to see if the drifts have gotten wind blown. Once they get hard the v-plow is the ticket to cut a trail. The red baron is still down and I have also damaged the king pin assembly and looks like I will have to find all the parts from a junk yard. Lots of metal shaving and parts compleatly ground up. Ouch I always new there was somthing going on in the front end and figured it would break eventally.
I also ventured out of westwinds road looking for bear paws houses as I wanted to say hi to a old friend Kirk. The vissibilty was poor yesterday and I never did find there houses with the side roads drifting in. I lost a tire chain that wrapped around the rear end and that was a bear getting it off in that brutal weather on the lake. The blower switch went out in blue thunder and made for a interesting drive back to my house’s. I was at old minnesota when Lee called at 430 to see if I had a open house. With another cancellation I said minnesota is open buddy and he said I’ll take it. It sounded like he was on the road. When I ask where he was he said brooklyn park. Lee will help me move florida today in exchange for a break on the house. I hope to have all 3 moved on fresh ice for the weekend. I had a beer with Cody and the guys in the cabin last night. What a bunch of nice guys .Cody has his work crew up here and said they will take down a few dead trees I have here as thats what they do. I’ll barter with them and give them a free night or two in exchange for the work.
Goose and Rich must of liked where I set them up as they made a small move yesterday about 50 yards to be on freash ice as they have a crew coming up. I also saw Buddy moving his houses on to freash ice for the up and coming weekend.It sound like there doing well out deeper past the pressure ridge. Make sure you stop at hillmens to get any updates onthe three bridges