Yesterday was another brutal day. With winds out of the west at 25 mile a hour the snow is again moving around the lake and making some massive drifts around objects on the lake. If you go out of Hillmens with a wheel house try and get atleast 50 to a 100 yards to the north away from the road as the drifts work there way across the road if your parked to close. If you need a place plowed give us a wave and we can try and help. After yesterdays wind the drifts are becoming a little harder and you can walk on top of them. It unreal how mother nature can pack that snow so tight. Buddys Hillmens road is in great shape there are a few drift crossing the road but not a issue at this time. The berm to the south has sank and it would be a very bad idea to jump them as there is slush under the snow as the weight of the snow has cracked the ice and flooded it under the snow. . I don’t know the math but with 6 miles of road and atleast two miles of room to the north there is plenty of room for guys to get away from any crowding.
I also got out of westwinds to go see my old friend Kirk and I do mean old. ha ha just kidding soon to retire Kirk. Westwind road was also in great shape with squre miles of unfished water. Again I’m sure if you wave a plow truck down they will get you a plowed spot off the main roads. Westwind does not make a berm like hillmens so you can go to the south,west or north or maybe even east if you have gone out to far? Tammy and Matt headed home with there fish yesterday and ate fish everyday. She is quite the outdoormae/women. It was nice to get to know them and next year there bringing the kids. Cody and his crew parked there truck in a snow bank? There also having issure with there jeep. The triangle still has it s power even if its walleye fishing. To funny. I did have a beer last night with them and they have had a grand time on a GRAND LAKE.
Lee took me to westwind for lunch and I highly reccomend the toco salad. After Lee helped me with two propanes we headed back to minnesota where Calvin and him were ready to focus on some hard fishing I taught Lee years ago. They called around 9 30 last night and said they were tired, had there limit and were going to bed. They must of fished hard to be so tired. Im thinking about having Lee up next winter to help me out. As a ma and pa operation fightting mother nature can quadrouple the work load. With no snow only a week ago things have changed dramaticly.
I have a crew of 12 swinging in today on there way to low. I’m going to try and get a couple of houses moved on fresh ice before they get here. Theres alot of snow capcherd around the houses. My plans are still to have all 4 houses on fresh ice for the weekend. Sounds like I will be working in the snow today, if its not to windy it should be a glorious day working on the ice. Looking forward to hitting the lake at sunrise

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